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Track’s history in bowling as the innovative company, revolutionizing core designs and performance goes way back to the beginning of dynamic core designs and new cover materials. A runaway hit during the early 90s when Track pros seemingly dominated the PBA telecasts was the Synergy, driven by an innovative core design. We’re excited to bring back the Synergy core design, which was updated for today’s environment and is in a new series called Cypher. The R&D team broke the code with the new Cypher and developed the next phase of benchmark ball reaction for Track. The higher RG and strong differential numbers perfectly match the MR-8 Solid cover in the HK22 base. Cypher will deliver the message and messengers on any medium condition you encounter.


ColorDark Green / Black / Lime
CoverstockMR-8 Solid (HK22)
Cover TypeSolid Reactive
Finish500, 1000, 2000 Siaair Micro Pad
Weights16-12 Pounds
Lane ConditionMedium oil
ReactionStrong overal hook

Track Cypher Bowling Ball


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