The Pitch Purple was designed as a follow up its predecessor, the Pitch Black. Featuring the same symmetric core that was made famous by the Pitch line, the Capacitor core provides high levels of control and strong backend finish - perfect for tough conditions. The predictability of this piece will be a favorite of all bowling styles.


Outside, the Rev-Controll urethane coverstock finished at 1000 Grit Abralon provides just enough backend for you to move confidently on the approach. The responsiveness of this ball makes it one of Storm's most maneuverable balls they have made to date.

Storm Pitch Purple

SKU: 0006
  • Coverstock Type


    Core Type


    Recommended Lane Conditions

    Light to Medium Oil, Short Oil Patterns

    Reaction Type

    Smooth Motion on the Dry or Short Oil Patterns

    X Factor Hook Rating Scale (1-20)


    Radius of Gyration (RG)

    2.57 (15lb)

    Differential (DIFF)

    .022 (15lb)

    Flare Potential

    2-3” Medium-Low


    Capacitor Core


    Rev Controll Solid Urethane

    Factory Finish

    1000 Grit Pad


    Solid Purple

    Release Date