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Amp up the THRILL with the latest angular sensation from Motiv Bowling! Introducing the Max Thrill Pearl – the ultimate upgrade for dry lane conditions.  Featuring advancements in both coverstock and core technology, this ball is engineered to push the boundaries of dry lane performance to the MAX! 


Featuring the cutting-edge Turmoil XP3 Pearl coverstock, the Max Thrill Pearl delivers a perfect balance of strength, cleanliness, and jaw-dropping angularity.  This new cover system builds upon the Turmoil cover found in the Venom Shock to provide more length and down lane motion.  You’ll see a significant upgrade to the cover found on the Top Thrill Pearl that is sure to leave you in awe!


The outstanding Halogen core makes its triumphant return after six long years! This iconic core shape is an essential addition to any arsenal, providing unparalleled versatility and power. With the Max Thrill line, you'll experience a staggering 42% increase in differential, unlocking a world of possibilities with increased flare and drilling options.


Speed Dominant:

The Max Thrill Pearl will function as the end of the progression for a speed dominant bowler; meaning this will be the ball used for the driest lanes when angle is needed down lane.  Speed dominant bowlers will have a ball they can trust at the end of a long qualifying block or when the lanes are truly dry.


Balanced bowlers will be amazed at the performance of the Max Thrill when looking for angle on dryer lanes.  The Max Thrill Pearl is a significantly stronger down-lane option than the Top Thrill.  Competitive bowlers will be able to trust the Max Thrill Pearl late in tournament blocks.

Rev Dominant:

The Max Thrill Pearl is an outstanding option at the end of league night or when the other pearls in the bag are too strong.  The Max Thrill Pearl is an angular option to use when the Supras are too aggressive.

    Motiv Max Thrill Pearl Blue Yellow Bowling Ball


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