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Hammer Bowling means high-performing products to help any bowler compete at their best, but not everyone needs a performance ball. The new Axe is a perfect spare ball for a Hammer fan or an excellent option for a recreational bowler looking for their first ball. The Axe is one of a kind, using a harder, more durable reactive resin called Low Friction Reactive. The durable reactive shell, along with a 3-piece core, is a unique offering and provides predictability and confidence. 


  • PERFORMANCE Spare Ball
  • PART NUMBER 60-106945-93X
  • COLOR Black / Smoke
  • CORE Bullet
  • CORE TYPE Pearl
  • COVERSTOCK Low Friction Reactive
  • COVER TYPE Pearl
  • FINISH Factory Polish
  • WEIGHTS 16-8 Pounds
  • REACTION Straight
  • WARRANTY Two years from purchase date

Hammer AXE


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