Ebonite Omni Hybrid Bowling Ball Features:


The Ebonite Omni Hybrid uses the asymmetrical Omni core design and the GSV 2.0 Hybrid coverstock. It comes out of the box finished with 500/1000 SiaAir and Crown Factory Compound. The Omni core shape has a higher RG, lower differential, and lower intermediate differential than the Mod-1 cores found in the Choice line. This ball is earlier and smoother than the Choice Pearl, making it a good match for medium oil patterns.


The Ebonite line of balls is strong right now, with a ball to cover anything, especially with the addition of the new Omni Hybrid.  The Omni Hybrid will be a great go-to ball when the solid and dull Omni or Aero are just too much ball. The polished GSV 2.0 Hybrid along with the predictable Omni Core produces an aggressive but predictable midlane motion for a very useable ball.  More of a midlane and continuous shiny asymmetric…more downlane motion than the Omni Solid but not a skid/flip ball.  On fresh, it’s about 4+2 weaker than Omni Solid, on breakdown it would be about 4+2 stronger than Omni Solid.  Slightly stronger breakpoint than Allure.

Ebonite Omni Hybrid

Weight (lbs)
  • Coverstock Type

    Hybrid Reactive

    Core Type


    Recommended Lane Conditions

    Medium to Heavy Oil

    Reaction Type

    Good Length with Strong Backend Reaction

    X Factor Hook Rating Scale (1-20)


    Radius of Gyration (RG)

    2.501 (15lb)

    Differential (DIFF)

    .050 (15lb)

    Mass Bias Differential (MB)

    .013 (15lb)

    Flare Potential





    GSV 2.0 Hybrid

    Factory Finish

    500, 1000 Siaair / Crown Factory Compound



    Release Date



    Mid Performance