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Columbia 300 has thrived on paying respect to its roots. Taking yesterday’s technology and updating it to perform on today’s conditions has created some excellent bowling balls, and it’s now time to do it again with an old favorite, the black and gold Messenger. The introduction of Messenger PowerCOR two years ago produced great results and we’re advancing the line even further by adding the HK22 cover base for more performance where bowlers love to see it. The Messenger PowerCOR Pearl is poured in the exact colors that made the ball famous in the early 2000s, and the updated Messenger PowerCOR core and HK22 – Reflex Pearl make this ball a must-have for anyone looking for results on light to medium oil.



ColorBlack / Gold
CoreMessenger PowerCOR
CoverstockHK22 - Reflex Pearl
Cover TypePearl Reactive
Finish500, 1000, 2000 Siaair / Factory Compound
Weights16-10 Pounds
Lane ConditionLight to medium oil
ReactionSkid / Flip

Columbia 300 Messenger PowerCOR Pearl Bowling Ball


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