The ALL-NEW Reality™ brings a solid version of the incredibly strong S84 Response™ cover to the table. Combined with a revolutionary core, the Reality will be the strongest ball 900 Global offers!


The S84 Response solid cover utilizes a technology that promotes up to 20% larger pore sizes. By offering this cover in a 2000 Abralon™ finish, we have ensured maximum traction in the heaviest of oil. The Reality will rival the original Volatility™ in terms of overall hook.


The Disturbance™ Asymmetric core creates asymmetry by having differing shapes on the bottom and top of the weight block. This core was designed with a focus on a shape that will fill a space with the least amount of material, yet still yield the RG/Diff values that all bowlers demand.


Coverstock: S84 Response™ Solid

Finish:  2000 Abralon™

Color: Magenta/Aqua/Midnight Blue

Core: Disturbance™ Asymmetric

Flare Potential: 5+″

Available Weights: 12-16 lbs

900 Global Reality

  • Coverstock Type

    Solid Reactive

    Core Type


    Recommended Lane Conditions

    Medium Heavy to Heavy Oil

    Reaction Type

    Strong Midlane Read with Strong Controllable Backend Reaction

    X Factor Hook Rating Scale (1-20)


    Radius of Gyration (RG)

    249 (15lb)

    Differential (DIFF)

    .052 (15lb)

    Mass Bias Differential (MB)

    .018 (15lb)

    Flare Potential

    6+ High


    Disturbance Asymmetric


    S84 Response Solid

    Factory Finish

    2000 Abralon


    Magenta/Aqua/Midnight Blue

    Release Date



    High Performance