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The original Reality just got a major upgrade! Presenting the Harsh Reality featuring A.I. Core Technology! The Disturbance A.I. Asymmetric Core will provide a familiar look on the lanes yet with more overall performance than that of the original Reality. Paired with the Reserve Blend 902 Solid Cover which was specifically crafted for the heaviest of conditions, the Harsh Reality will be the strongest ball that 900 Global has ever produced!



The Disturbance A.I. Asymmetric Core features the same unique single density inner core as the original Reality, however the outer core is the groundbreaking A.I. Core. What does this mean? You will notice that the RG is lower, the differential is higher, and the intermediate differential is higher when compared to the original Reality. This means that you will see a similar shape as the original Reality, but with more overall performance on the heaviest patterns.



The Reserve Blend 902 Solid Cover, finished at 2000 Grit Abralon, features a similar chemical composition as the S84 Response Cover found on the Reality. We have pushed the envelope on the microscopic pore sizes of the material though. The S84 Response also featured larger than average pore sizes, but the Reserve Blend 902 Solid expands on that technology. Increased pore sizes mean more oil absorption, thus creating more oil displacement which equals more hook.

900 Global Harsh Reality Bowling Ball


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